Employee Selection System

Talent science is reliable and predictive but too infrequently applied in real-world businesses. Using an 'attributes first' approach, Perception's
Quality-of-Hire intelligence platform delivers recruitment efficiency and
powerful selection accuracy.


Candidate Management System

View, track and manage every applicant (globally) via one intuitive system interface that seamlessly combines talent and workforce data with workflow and communication tools, interview scheduling and offer and rejection management.

Perception People Intelligence Platform

Recruitment Analytics System

Optimized recruitment with intelligent sourcing and hiring analytics ensures firms can compete for talent faster, at lower cost. Proprietary insights and guidance deliver dynamic talent acquisition capabilities.


Talent Analytics System

Measure, screen, analyze, rank and select candidates based on quantified, custom-configured, talent data. Identify who’ll perform and who'll stay. Performance-validated intelligence delivers right person-right job role guidance for making more informed talent decisions.

performance-validated Quality-of-Hire Intelligence Systems



People Data

demographic data
psychographic data
biographic data
assessment data
workforce d


Performance Data

job/task metrics
production metrics
financial metrics
manager evaluations
customer evaluations


Optimize Selection

avoid high-risk applicants
identify best bet candidates
estimate employability fit
reduce turnover costs
build a deep talent pool

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Crown Resorts
  • Intel McAfee
  • Symantec
  • Oracle
  • CrowdStrike
  • Subaru
  • Kia
  • Mazda
  • GMC
  • Mazda
Perception delivers predictive hiring guidance based on actual performance.  
Evidence-based technology optimizes people decisions. Reduce costs, reduce turnover and absenteeism, grow sales revenue, enhance customer experience!

Whoever learns faster wins!  Learn how to make your biggest investment your smartest. Data, not intuition, is the key to identifying and selecting the right people for the right job roles.

Improve business results with talent and data science-driven people analytics.


Evidenced-Based Hiring

predict best job fit
target critical job roles
100 years of talent science 


Quality-of-Hire Intelligence

right person, right job role faster productivity ramp
grow tenure + retention 


Manage Turnover + Absenteeism 

performance-validate hires
reduce cost of poor hires personalize development


Enrich Your Talent Diversity 

widen + deepen talent pool attract diverse new talent
remove unconscious bias

What is People Analytics

People Analytics

Improve quality of hire, team retention and customer experience